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Sometimes you need to put all your chips in...

For someone else.

The Gambler - Title.png
An Independent Short Film
from Rush Hour Productions & Green Door Workshop Productions.


The Gambler takes place on the most desperate night in Joe Sullivan's life.


A compulsive sports gambler, Joe finds himself in a place where no gambler wants to be. His long-suffering bookie, Seamus, has given Joe until the end of the night to pay his tab.


Shut off and needing a win, Joe convinces Monica, the woman he loves and the only one he trusts, to take his life savings and place one last bet across town.


He tells her to put it all on the Lakers, then meet him at his favorite movie theater when the game is over, whether she has his winnings or not.


What she doesn’t know is that if the Lakers lose the game, Joe will lose his life.


Cast & Crew


James Quattrochi

Mark Rolston

Amy Motta

Patrick Luwis

Anthony Cipriani


Directed By:

David Anderson

Written By:

John J. Lynch


Produced By:

Larry Kaster



Jeff Baustert



Neil Lenthall



Charles Bernstein


Production Designer:

Ming Fen Congdon

Cast & Crew
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